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Horror poll for Morrison

Abbott and Dutton's attempt to push the Liberals to the right has hurt the Coalition in the latest Newspoll

This weekend’s Newspoll has been disastrous for the Coalition and conservatives in particular, with support for the Coalition tanking.

The Australian reports that support for the Coalition two-party preferred has tanked from 49/51% last poll to 44/56% now. More concerning for the conservatives would be the primary vote, showing Labor picking up 6% (to 41%) – off the back of a 4% drop for the Coalition (33%) and 2% for One Nation (7%).

In the preferred Prime Minister race, Morrison sits at 33% to Shorten’s 39%, 11% lower than Turnbull was at the last poll.

The polling shows that Abbott and Dutton’s wrestling for control of the party has hurt the Coalition amongst the public. Australians are fed up with the revolving Prime Ministership door and even more fed up with a government that would rather focus on itself than to govern.

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