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Return to the base they said

This week conservatives have said that they need to return to ‘their base’ (meaning to the far right) in order to have any chance of winning the next election, due by mid next year.

The insurgency led by Peter Dutton but pushed by eternal wrecker Tony Abbott succeeded in removing Turnbull as Prime Minister but failed to hand the Prime Ministership to their man.

When Abbott was ousted in favour of Turnbull, he promised there would be “no

Even though Dutton, Abbott and Co didn’t manage to seize the Prime Ministership they have succeeded in damaging the Liberal brand. It’s long been said disunity in politics is death. The disunity within the Liberal party is there for all to see.

What conservatives fail to see is their far right agenda may appeal to the ‘base’ of their membership but it’s not supported by the majority of Australians. The majority of Australians voted in favour of gay marriage (a progressive measure) and want to see sensible action on climate change. Many don’t want to see culture wars like those started by Dutton (remember his claim about people being afraid to go out in Melbourne due to African gangs?).

The conservatives would have the party become a clone of One Nation if they had complete control.

Conservatives fail to see that Millennials and Gen X represent a large proportion of voters and they are more likely to be left leaning, particularly on social issues. Moving further right is only going to alienate those voters and affect the Liberals chances for reelection.

To stay a mainstream party, the Liberals need to focus on the centre rather than the hard right.

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