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Warringah voters want Abbott to leave

Warringah voters reject Abbott. Source: Alex Ellinghausen, SMH

What’s worse than losing the Prime Ministership in a party room coup? Finding out that a majority of the voters in your electorate think you should make way for someone else at the next election.

That’s exactly what has happened to Tony Abbott, in his blue ribbon seat of Warringah. In a poll conducted by ReachTel for the Australia Institute, just over half of the 743 electors polled said Abbott should step down at the next election and make way for new blood.

36.7 percent of those polled said Abbott stepping down would make them more likely to vote Liberal while 45.8% said it wouldn’t affect their vote.

Abbott’s electorate covers the Northern Beaches region of Sydney and has only ever been held by conservatives since its creation in 1922 helpful resources. Its longest serving member was Abbott’s predecessor Michael MacKellar who held the seat from 1969 through to 1994. Tony Abbott has represented the seat of Warringah since 1994 and currently holds it on a 15% margin.

The ReachTel poll is at odds with what Abbott said earlier this month when asked about his future. At the time he was deposed as Prime Minister, he promised to make a decision about his future after Christmas, but earlier this month said he won’t rush into a final decision and that there was a groundswell of support for him to stay on. It seems that support hasn’t transferred to this poll.

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  • Abbott isn’t wanted by his own electorate. What a shame. Never in the history of this country have we had such a divisive leader.

    Then again never before have we had a leader that was the love child of John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop.

  • After just reading about aboriginals being intolerant of the floatie party here’s a man who is intolerant of everything. The bastard of Australia who se us back at least 30 years. Get out now Ton before the people of Warringah turf you out.