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Why is Dennis Gundrill still a cop?

Gundrill was involved in an assault of an offender in 2008. Why is he still a cop?

Two Victorian police officers will face court in May after they were charged with assault on a then 16 year old on Christmas Day in 2014 after the family of a 16 year old they accused of resisting arrest paid an IT consultant $4,000 to recover a video of the incident from his mobile phone. The video went missing after the teen was arrested by Police.

According to the Herald Sun, the video doesn’t show clear imagery of the assault but the scuttle can be heard where one of the Police admits to touching the teen first for being a “smart arse”. Later in the video, the teen yells that his arm is being twisted, which is the point the teen claims to have had his phone taken from him.

The officers alleged to have assaulted the teenager, Leading Senior Constable Dennis Gundrill and Senior Constable Simon Mareangareu were initially stood down without pay but have since been placed on non-operational duties.

Where Dennis Gundrill is concerned, Victorian Police should answer why he was not sacked after he was involved in the serious assault of another suspect at Ringwood Police Station in 2008. In that incident, Mr Gundrill held the offender while his colleague David Kealy punched the man as hard as he could in the face. The assault was caught on CCTV and the suspect was awarded $130,000 in compensation by the county court. In the civil trial, neither Kealy nor Gundrill could produce notes they kept of the incident.

In the civil trial, the judge expressed concern over Gundrill’s evidence and rejected some of it. The judge found that he had reconstructed his evidence after viewing the CCTV footage and that he didn’t give an honest recollection. The judge also believed his evidence about not being interested in a complaint made about him was unbelievable.

Given Gundrill’s involvement in the 2008 assault and the comments made by the civil court judge, why was he still an officer in 2014.