Media quick to claim botched drug trial in France was for a cannabis based drug

On Friday, news outlets around the world jumped on a report by AFP that a drug trial in France had resulted in the brain death of one man, irreversible brain damage of three others and the hospitalisation of two others due to clinical trials of a “cannabis-based painkiller”. Panic spread around the world as such a common drug was blamed for such a serious reaction.

Fortunately, French Health Minister Marisol Touraine quickly come out and corrected the media informing the world that the drug at the centre of the incident contained no cannabis or cannabis derivatives.

Instead, the drug known as BIA 10-2474 is a Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) enzyme inhibitor which acts upon the human endocannabinoid system. The same set of receptors in the brain that cannabis acts upon. The drug wasn’t cannabis-based at all. It was developed by a drug company to act upon some of the same receptors as cannabis does. That’s a big difference. The question is, why was the media quick to jump to the conclusion that cannabis was to blame? Why was the required research not done

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  • The dangers of synthetic weed have been known for ages. Ask John W Huffman who developed synthetic to research it, he admits that it’s deadly toxic. The issue is these synthetics are stronger than weed and bind to the CB1 receptors more strongly and seems to be less picky on the ones it binds to. It’s thought the dangerous reactions to synthetic comes from I binding to receptors in the brain stem.

    Yes this drug wasn’t synthetic weed but rather a drug designed to act on the same part of the brain as it does. Wouldn’t any intelligent person think the reaction could be as dangerous? Why develop something like cannabis when cannabis is safer and has a similar effect? Cannabis can’t be patented so there’s less potential to make money out of it.