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The government afraid of the ‘leftie lynch mob’

The inclusion of Zany Mallah in the audience of ABC’s Q&A program two weeks ago has led to a war of words between the Prime Minister and the ABC. This war has become even more ridiculous with Abbott barring all frontbenchers in his government from appearing on the program, at least until the investigation into how Mullah came to be in the audience and allowed to ask the panel a question.

Q&A is probably the premier political program in Australia. It deals with a range of issues and attempts to present a variation of views with its panellists. Barring his ministers from appearing on the program is a sign of paranoia, particularly from a man who denounced the ABC as a ‘leftie lynch mob’.

The Australian public want to see government ministers on the program and for them to be canvassed of their views and the government’s position.

The Mallah incident and the government’s behaviour since shows that we are led by a mob of know it alls who believe they shouldn’t be questioned. A sad state of affairs indeed.

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