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Changes at VOA

VOA has a new look among other changes, bringing us into 2016.

VOA has today launched its new website which has been designed to provide a better experience for our users. Gone is the outdated design and clumsy interface and in is a fresh interface that is easier to get around. We have also changed our domain – with voiceoaustralia.com replaced with voiceaustralia.news and vau.news making us alot easier to find.

The VOA remains a side project for those of us involved in it for now which will unfortunately limit the number of articles we can publish. We want to grow to become a site that our readers will want to visit on a regular basis and will also syndicate Australian articles from the free news service Wikinews and will be accepting new writers to write articles for the site. Those wishing to write for us can find out more information here.

We hope you like the changes.

About the author


I have been writing news online for the last 5 years. Unfortunately, my real job of truck driving often gets in the way making it difficult to publish stories regularly.

I have previously written on Ozitics and Daily Male.